Corporate Social Responsibility


Over the past three years, Oroco has been committed to creating policies offering long-term benefits for all of our stakeholders, the surrounding community at Santo Tomás, and the environment in which we operate.  Our day-to-day activities and obligations uphold this commitment and serve to create increased value for the company, advance the best interests of the local community, and maintain responsible stewardship of the land.  The Santo Tomás project development plan considers exploration through to development while striving for sustainable economic advancement.  With the fundamental respect for local values and culture, our Santo Tomás investment includes job creation, worthwhile community initiatives, infrastructure improvement and prioritization of local procurement.



Oroco believes that our success at Santo Tomás begins within the local area and its people.  Oroco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate creates positive working relationships with Santo Tomás’ neighbouring community and serves a realistic and meaningful social purpose. We understand that maintaining a solid social license is essential to Santo Tomás’ long term operational prosperity.  Thus, improving the community’s quality of life with mutual respect and open communication is fundamental to our objectives.